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About us

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Your Child Is in Great Hands.

Our goal

is to meet the total needs of each and every child we care for with an undeniable quality of care, education, and guidance. We feel that we have created a warm and loving learning environment that offers the comfort feeling of home.

Our purpose and commitment is to meet your child's needs emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually with the love and understanding of

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Tanya Bolton Owner/Director.

Ms. Tanya is a born and raised Chicago native and mother to three children, educated locally in Early Childhood Education and Social Work. Compassionate mother with an open heart to every child and is inspired to make a difference in the field of in home child care with every family serviced.

Conveniently Located Near Downtown Park Forest

Minutes Away from Downtown Chicago Public Transportation

Hours of Operations 6:30am-12:00am

708 475 8251