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Read Testimonies

  • William's Family - 2017  to  2021
    A Mother's Touch has been truly a blessing to us. My children have a place to call home. They are comfortable and can be themselves. Ms. Tanya has helped my children grow in so many ways. We are forever grateful for her & her family.
    William's Family - 2017 to 2021
    First Family
  • Ashley Green - 2020
    I Remember I was about 5 months into my pregnancy with my Daughter Nova and I was working as a cashier at family Dollar near my residence. I'm naturally a talkative person so when Tanya Bolton came to check out, we began talking casually. She gave me her card after learning about my need for a child Care provider I could trust. That was over 2 years ago. My Daughter Nova is 19 months now and my oldest son Naoth is 4. I remember reading the card at my register in between customers. It said "A MOTHERS TOUCH". Even though I strive to be the best mother I can be, I Know now through the changes I see in my kids daily that it takes more hands and it's okay to have help. I am so thankful for "A MOTHERS TOUCH" because Tanya is professional, caring and patient and I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my kids. I thank God for bringing her into my job that day!! Thanks Ms. Tanya
    Ashley Green - 2020
  • Shabazz Family - 2018
    From the very beginning, we have felt like family. The love and care our son receives is more than we could have asked for, and we appreciate every moment of it.
    Shabazz Family - 2018
  •  D. McCown - 2018
    A Mother's Touch is by far the greatest daycare I could as for. From Ms. Tanya all the way down to the dog I know my baby is safe, comfortable, well fed, properly disciplined, & most important LOVED. We're so lucky to have found this daycare. Ms. Tanya your not only family, you're like a second mother to me....you give advice, you're real, you're loving, you're caring. It's a blessing to have you in our lives. We Love You
    D. McCown - 2018
  • T. Jones - 2019
      Thank you for providing a caring and learning environment. My granddaughter loves you and loves being here. This is her home away from home.
    T. Jones - 2019
  • C. Anderson - 2020
      I have been with A Mothers Touch for 2 years now. My son absolutely loves it. Ms. Tanya is so hands on with the kids. She feeds them healthy snacks and makes sure that they all adjust to their daycare environment. I appreciate the way she treats my son he never wants to come home. She makes sure all the kids are right on track as far as their ages and growth development. She's very straight forward & direct when it's any concern of the child (good or bad). A Mother's Touch is a second home for my son and I'll forever be grateful for that. We're now waiting on our second baby to arrive and I'm for certain she's going to love it there. "TiTi Tanya" will spoil her as well and I won't have to worry at all while I'm headed back to work full time. I will recommend any mother to take their child there. It's safe, comfortable, clean and nurturing environment to be in.
    C. Anderson - 2020
  • Abron Family - 2019
    My child "Amaris" did not like daycare starting off. He would cry for hours with Ms. Tanya. He had to take a break from daycare to try other alternatives. Ms. Tanya reinsured us that our child was welcomed back when he was ready. The second time around "Amaris" was learning, playing, meeting new friends, and now has a second home. Thank You Ms. Tanya we love & appreciate all your love and services.
    Abron Family - 2019
  • D. Jones 2020
    It takes a big heart to shape a little mind." This quote, is exactly what A Mother's Touch is about. Ms. Tonya has brought so much excitement to my child, Laila. I remember when she first started daycare she was nervous. Now she doesn't ever want to come home! It puts my mind at ease knowing my child is enjoying herself and comfortable. You care so much about every child and words can't describe how thankful I am for you! This is truly Laila's second home.
    D. Jones 2020

Conveniently Located Near Downtown Park Forest

Minutes Away from Downtown Chicago Public Transportation

Hours of Operations 6:30am-12:00am

708 475 8251